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I am in no way affiliated with any political party or candidate. This is to be regarded as my opinion.
Tuesday, May 10, 2016
I have gathered basic information and resources on Nebraskan candidates
those highlighted blue are those that I believe to most closely align with Bernie's stances
If a candidate has no link next to their name, I have requested that they complete an issues questionaire. I will update file as needed
Bernie Sanders link  
Representative in Congress
District 1 Daniel Wik link  
District 2 Brad Ashford link  
District 3 Lisa Heineman as write in  
Member of the Legislature
District 1 Dan Watermeier link  
District 3 Tommy Garrett link  
Carol Blood    
District 5 Mike McDonnell link  
Gilbert Ayala link  
District 7 Nicole Fox    
Tony Vargas   was present at Democratic caucus training meeting
John Synowiecki    
District 9 Van Argyrakis link  
Sara Howard link  
Larry Roland link  
District 11 Ernie Chambers Based on vote history  
Fonte Hamilton Unable to find a web presence  
John Sciara link  
District 13 Mark Elworth Jr link declares himself an "outsider"
Jill Brown link  
Justin Wayne    
Jake Seeman    
District 15 David Schnoor link  
Lynne Walz    
District 17 Ardel Bengtson    
Joni Albrecht link  
Louis Benscoter Unable to find a web presence  
District 19 Jim Scheer   inconclusive
District 21 Larry Scherer Unable to find a web presence  
Mike Hilgers   leaning republican
Rick Vest link  
District 23 Jerry Johnson link  
Bruce Bostelman link  
District 25 Jim Gordon   was present at Democratic caucus training meeting
Dale Michels link  
Leslie Spry link  
David Tagart link  
Suzanne Geist link  
District 27 Anna Wishart    
Deb Andrews    
Dick Clark link  
District 29 Kate Bolz    
Melody Vaccaro link  
District 31 Peter Mayberry link  
Rick Kolowski    
Ian Swanson link  
District 33 Les Seiler link  
Steve Halloran link  
District 35 Zachary Zoul link  
Dan Quick   union worker and supported on Douglas county dems facebook page
Gregg Neuhaus link  
District 37 Bob Lammers link  
Mike McShea Unable to find a web presence leaning republican based on Kearney news paper  link
John Lowe Sr. link  
District 39 Pat Borchers link  
Lou Ann Linehan link  
Bill Armbrust   on actblue and supported on Douglas county dems facebook page
District 41 Tom Briese link  
District 43 Al Davis    
Tom Brewer link  
District 45 Sue Crawford link  
Michael J Cook    
District 47 Karl Elmshaeuser link  
Wendall F Gaston link  
Stever Erdman link  
Peggy Popps link  
District 49 John Murante link  
Board of Education
District 1 Patricia A Koch Johns    
Bob Rauner link  
Stephanie Bohlke-Schulte link  
District 2 Lisa Fricke    
Glen Flint link  
District 3 Rachel Wise link  
District 4 John Witzel